3 Resources to Determine What You Should Be Getting Paid in 2017

salary resources 2017

Money is often seen as a taboo subject in the workplace. However, that’s changing as our recent survey revealed that transparency is in employees’ top 10 ideal dimensions of company culture. What this means is that most of us want to work at a company that is crystal clear on salary, growth opportunities, expectations, benefits, etc. We want to work for a company that is transparent about salary from the get-go so there are no surprises later down the line when we ask for a raise only to be denied.

Whether you’re in the process of switching careers or you’re curious to know what you should be making, we did some of our own digging to find the best resources to determine what you should be getting paid.

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of our favorite resources that helps you determine what you should be getting paid. Glassdoor does a wonderful job of including the national average salary of the job title you search, as well as the average for your city.  There’s even a section called “Know Your Worth” where they offer a free salary estimate based on your experience and the current job market.

For example, say you really want to work for a specific company and you search that company for a salary review of the job title you wish to apply for. However the outcome of this search leads you to realize that the salary the company offers is below your current salary. This changes everything! Now you can reevaluate if you really want to work for that company in the first place.

Utilizing Glassdoor’s company reviews can also give you insight into a company’s corporate culture. Between all the various offerings, Glassdoor goes beyond just a salary resource. They provide real reviews from real people. It doesn’t get much better than that!

2. 24 Seven Salary Calculator

With the launch of 24 Seven’s brand new website (you’re looking at it now), came 24 Seven’s brand new Salary Calculator! Our Salary Calculator is a year in the making. We wanted to make sure we covered as many job titles and salary ranges as possible, so to say we’re excited that it’s live is an understatement!

Unlike other resources, 24 Seven’s Salary Calculator is based on what our industry expert recruiters are seeing in the job market. The calculator allows you to search broadly by title and gives you the low-end and high-end industry average. This gives job seekers a more realistic perspective on what they should be getting paid.

Try our salary calculator today and browse our recent job openings.

3. Payscale

Similar to Glassdoor, Payscale also offers a free salary report to figure out what you’re worth. In addition, they offer insight to what employers should be paying, which helps keep salary expectations on an even keel. Payscale also provides an annual salary graph that compares salaries over the past few years.

Payscale also has a cost of living calculator which will help determine what salary you need to be making in order to live comfortably in various cities. Overall Payscale is an underutilized tool that many job seekers and employers may not know about.

For more tips on salaries, check out our Salary Negotiations Resource!

Written by: Brittany Johnston