Read This If You Want to Get Into Beauty (#BeautyIsYourBiz Podcast Recap)

beauty is your biz podcast

This past week I was fortunate enough to attend the Beauty is Your Business Podcast event featuring our EVP of Global Sales and Business Development, Lisa Marie Ringus. Lisa built the beauty business here at 24 Seven from the ground up. She knows what’s hot and what’s not and how candidates and companies can set themselves up for success.

Lisa was joined by Alesia Lanzo of L’Oreal, Regina Gwynn of Tresse Noire, and Karen Moon of Trendalytics. She held nothing back as she got into the state of the beauty job market, touching on opportunities in the beauty industry, expectations of hiring managers and job seekers, and how beauty is impacting the way we do business.

beauty is your business podcast

It’s a candidates market

Unemployment is down to pre-recession rates, and there are more jobs than candidates to fill them. New opportunities are arising each day and organizations are struggling to keep up. We see organizations expanding their digital and technology teams, and seeking fresh talent to fill brand new positions. If you’re looking to make a career switch, now is the time.

beauty is your business podcast

Companies want to foster employee creativity

The beauty industry is honoring the wants and needs of its employees by giving them more freedom to work when and where they want, (our Beauty Job Market Report supports this finding). In addition, offices are now providing spaces that help facilitate innovation from the creative team.

Lisa had the privilege of being able to go inside a “think tank” under the condition she left her phone outside! Think tanks are no joke; even the creatives aren’t allowed to bring in outside devices. The concept is to foster collaboration among team members by removing all distractions and focusing on present moment thinking.

Companies are screening for soft skills more than anything else

In addition to looking for candidates who have the technical skills to perform the duties of a job, companies are screening for something less tangible, soft skills. Entrepreneurship, especially, is a sought after soft skill in today’s job market. Companies are seeking innovative thinkers and self-starters who bring a fresh perspective to the organization. Ability to learn new skills is another extremely valuable soft skill in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

beauty is your biz podcast

Job hopping is the new norm

Job hopping is no longer frowned upon, in fact, Lisa says it creates a healthy work environment. Today candidates are expected to stay at a job for only 1-2 years, which doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing. Movement ensures candidates have a wide variety of experiences and allows them to keep their skills current. As companies welcome new talent they benefit from a  fresh perspective. The circulation of new skills and ideas is the momentum that companies seek to stay ahead of their competition and make waves in the industry.

Lisa’s best career advice:

Be yourself and don’t take yourself so seriously.


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Written by: Brittany Johnston