Digital Marketing Trends and Jobs in the NYC Metro Area

New York City

While it is true that the Internet is ubiquitous these days — if you can get a signal, you’re connected — that doesn’t mean every locale is packed with digital marketing jobs. One of the hottest regions for digital marketing growth and career opportunities is the New York City metro area. Covering, all five boroughs, Western Long Island, Northern NJ, Westchester County, and Southern Connecticut, this dynamic region is home to well over 20 million people and a constant stream of high-paying jobs. At 24 Seven Talent, we work hard at both placing and finding the best digital marketers around, especially in the New York City metro area. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to take a closer look at digital marketing positions and trends available in this exclusive and dynamic market.

Interactive Content

One of the hottest trends in digital marketing for 2017 and beyond is interactive content. According to industry experts, interactive content generates conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time. With these kinds of results, it is no wonder that marketing companies in NYC are clamoring for interactive content experts. Examples of interactive content can be found across social media. If you’ve participated in or enjoyed things like polls and surveys, brackets, trivia, assessments, or calculators, then you’ve experienced this form of digital marketing. 24 Seven Talent has job listings for many jobs that demand interactive content creation and management including interactive designers, content and editorial manager, content strategist, as well as executive and c-suite level positions.

In-Store Marketing

The line between online and the real world is blurring more every day. With the proliferation of smartphone integration into all aspects of life, there is a major demand for digital marketing that works like the print and stand-up ads of the past. Brick and mortar stores are battling online retailers, so they have come up with apps that offer shoppers coupons and deals as they walk the aisles. A modern digital marketer needs to know to leverage location-based marketing. At 24 Seven Talent, we have numerous positions that demand in-store marketing skills including omni-channel marketing coordinator, media planners, adverting managers, and a host of other jobs in the marketing, fashion, beauty, and retail sectors.

Video Content

Every day we read about media companies continuing to make the shift to video. Online video now accounts for up to 50% of all mobile traffic. New York is a hub for this growing industry, and 24 Seven Talent has opportunities available. We have full-time and freelance positions for video content producers, video editors, and art directors.

Expiring Social Content

Perhaps the newest — and hottest — digital marketing trend is expiring social content. With social media becoming a dominant player in the marketing field, there is a great call to create marketing that will come and go quickly, but who’s message remains imprinted in consumers’ minds. You might have experienced this trend if you’ve used Instagram Stories or Snapchat. We have dozens of listings for social media content and editorial positions.

Why 24 Seven Talent?

As a New York-based company, we take a great deal of pride in knowing our market inside and out. There is no question that the NYC metro area has one of the highest number of digital marketing positions in the country in every possible industry. We work closely with some of the biggest names in the business world including Nike, Amazon, Edelman, CBS and Deloitte. If you are looking for a digital marketing position, we suggest visiting the 24 Seven Talent website and trying our Find Work tool to find a digital marketing position. If you are hiring, this list can also help, because the talent pool in these metro areas is deep.

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