One Question To Ask In Your Interview With A Digital Marketer

One Question To Ask In Your Interview With A Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are reinventing how products, services, and brands are portrayed online, providing new opportunities for customer interaction.

This week, our expert recruiters bring you the one question to ask all Digital Marketer candidates to find out if they are the perfect fit for your company’s needs.

Digital marketing refers to marketing products/services using the digital landscape and technologies (i.e.: website, mobile app etc.). Digital Marketer responsibilities typically include working closely with key stakeholders on eCommerce, branding, creative, and social teams to execute breakthrough campaigns.

What to look for

When seeking out the perfect Digital Marketing candidate our account managers  look for experience in anything digitalsocial media, SEO/SEM, PPC, data analysis, e-mail marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, visual marketing, and a knowledge of tools and platforms

Our expert recruiters seek candidates with a strong knowledge of the current digital marketing landscape, as well as future trends, with the ability to interpret and apply new trends to current programs in place. They are also on the lookout for research and analytical capabilities, superior problem-solving skills, and creative thinkers. The digital world is unpredictable and at the drop of a hat, something can go awry which is why judgment on how to identify potential issues is imperative.

What to ask

For creative Digital Marketers, it is important to know about campaign successes. Our Senior Account Manager, Meredith Steinmeyer, suggests asking:

“What was your most successful campaign, and what were the results?”

For analytical Digital Marketers, Meredith says the must ask question is two-fold:

“What is your process when measuring engagement for a campaign? And what do you consider the most important factor when determining the success of a campaign?”

Our database is full of candidates with these qualities and so much more. Click here to request a Digital Marketer for your company today!