Top 5 Social Media Trends In Retail

Guest post by Emily Heintz

Last month I attended RECon, the largest annual convention for the shopping center industry. What a success! In addition to the great location (Vegas, baby!), RECon offered a wealth of educational sessions addressing every component of retail real estate – from sustainable lighting to strategic growth planning.

I’d like to share my key takeaways from the “Modern Consumer” seminar, presented by Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & Creative Director of Zuckerberg Media.

1. Luxury on Demand
From Uber to RenttheRunway, everyone can experience the luxury lifestyle with just a tap on their smartphone.

2. The Rise of the Entre-ployees
More and more, companies are striving to create entrepreneurial experience at work. They are crafting environments that allow employees to balance day-to-day tasks with a good dose of in-office time devoted to pursuing new ideas. Creativity is king!

3. Hiring Trend: Community Managers
Combining social marketing and customer service, there is a growing demand for Social Media / Community Managers (we’re seeing this first-hand at 24 Seven). A community manager uses social media tools to embrace the brand’s customers in a more personal, informal nature. After all, customer loyalty relies so much on what the brand “says” to the consumer. What better way for a brand to communicate personality than by personal communication.

4. The Gamification of Everything
If it’s not interactive, it’s not a true retail experience. Apps are dominating the way we do business, and the most successful companies are riding the wave. Have some fun and check out Ibotta. Snooze, Gymshamer, and Nike’s Cheer Me On.

5. Peer Pricing
Need to return a gift but don’t have the time? Log onto TaskRabbit and pay someone to run errands for you. Want some extra cash for that idea you’ve been dreaming up? Submit it to Quirky! If it generates enough “likes,” they’ll produce it for you. Need a logo or want to bid on a design project? Check out 99 Designs. Industry-markup free.

About the author:

Emily Heintz is 24 Seven’s Luxury Retail Senior Business Development Manager, creating custom talent management solutions for global luxury brands and international retailers. In her spare time, she teaches fashion marketing and business classes at LIM, the Art Institute and Fremont College. Follow Emily on Twitter @NYRetailista.