Wearable Wednesday!

We’ve been keeping our eyes out for the latest in Wearable Tech. We’re not trend spotting, but alerting our candidates, clients and other readers to useful gadgets that serve to enhance their lives. This week some great ones caught our attention.


1. OMsignal is wearable tech’s gift to hypochondriacs. Embedded sensors monitor your breathing and heart rate and send real-time reports to your mobile. It also has a climate control function where the user is able to stay cool in warmer temps. I’m sure we can all think of someone that this would be a perfect gift for!

2. Walking Hotspot that doubles as a music library! It’s called the “BB.Suit” for anyone willing to rock a onesie in public.

3. Glofaster is affordable, battery charged and designed to alert runners if they’re achieving their desired pace and goals all while signaling oncoming traffic that you’re on the road. Its functionality is to keep you safe and help you exceed your pace; this is a perfect example of where wearable tech is headed.

4. Studio Roosegaarde a company that created a look called “Intimacy 2.0”, made from foil that becomes transparent when the user’s heartbeat races. It’s not something you want to wear on a run in the park, but let’s just say you can make quite the sexy techie impression on someone in private. Like all good ideas, the company is busy creating the 3.0 version.

5. Pawda is a device that’s on our radar and is still getting funding. It’s for, as you may have guessed, your beloved BFF who walks on all fours. Designed to attach easily to your pet’s collar, it tracks your hound with GPS, so you can never loose sight.

Stay tuned for next week’s Wearable Wednesday where we focus on bringing you affordable, practical tech you can wear.