The 3D Printed Makeup Revolution


Last May, 2014 Harvard MBA candidate, Grace Choi shook up both the beauty and 3D printed world with her innovation; 3D Printed Makeup. We’re printing shoes, cameras, swanky espresso cups, but makeup? No one had figured that out. Choi took the stage at the Tech Crunch Disrupt and announced the beauty industry is charging us consumers millions of dollars for what the tech community can provide for free. She proposed an alternative to pricey manufacturing, environmental pollution, and consumer cost by creating her own 3D printer called, ‘Mink’. Retailing at $300, Mink allows us to forever paint our faces by copying the color codes we see online and in person, enabling us to produce our own beauty arsenal. According to Choi, the technology she invented doesn’t only unlock images, it unlocks pixels, so we’re going to live in a world where we can snap a picture of our friend’s lipstick and be able to create the color.

Behold, Grace Choi’s Tech Crunch speech below. The Q&A portion at the end is especially intriguing. Choi handles questions from technology leaders, men twice her age, with poise and intelligence. One asked why Choi would choose to target 13-20 year-old females when she should be marketing to ‘influencers’. Her response, was that if her product is as life changing as she feels it is, it will fast become an integral part of young women’s day-to-day. Hence, the ‘influencers’ will flock.