The Most Unconventional Office Designs From Around The Globe

Are you staring at four cubicle walls? Well, escape for a bit and come with us on a tour of international office spaces that blur the line between work and play in a delightful way.
Stressed out at Wayra’s London Startup? They’ve got hammocks and floor pillows in case you’re craving REM mode.
The camper was the first thing Red Frog, Chicago put in the office. They had to knock out the side of the building to fit it. That is commitment to an idea.
Missing Link’s Johannesburg office includes a treehouse with an office underneath. You’ll show up to treehouse meetings on time, won’t you?
LEGO’s Denmark office  was designed to incorporate work and play. There’s child-like elements like this slide, but along the perimeter, stylish meeting centers mean business.
What’s the key design element that would make your office more fun and functional?