Upgrade Your Everything With These Easy Apps

These lifestyle apps are our go-to’s for managing stress, healthy eating, fitness, making reservations, personal stylists and more! Make the rest of the year about you taking care of your mind, body and boosting your confidence. We like to think of these apps as our best friends on our phone. Give them a try and let us know what you think. Also, what apps do you love? We’ll blog them with credit to you.

The Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditation iPhone app has 8 different meditations to help you with everything from building self-confidence to helping you to stop worrying about the future and enjoy living in the present. The app includes eight different relaxation and meditation techniques: Full-Body Scan, Self-Confidence, Guided Imagery, A Calm Mind, Loving Kindness, Letting Go, Mindfulness, and Miracle Around Us.

My Fitness Pal is a free app that you use to track your calories. It’s super user-friendly containing an expansive database of foods and brands. It also calculates how many calories you burned during your specific workout routine. For a free app, this has got everything you pay for from big diet brands!

Open Table is now expanding its features to allow you to be able to pay your bill at New York City restaurants. No waiting around for the bill. This year it will be expanding to include 20 more cities, so keep an eye out for it.

If you’re standing in front of your closet bored, not knowing how to make your looks pop, then POSE. Pose is an app that shows you shots of different outfits to inspire you. Just type in the weather and it gives you eye candy options.

Money Whiz is worth the cash. For $4.99, this is the full-on budgeting app that has it all. With 300 plus features it syncs across all devices. It also allows you to split payments.