The Offices of Inspirational People

Ever wonder what your hero’s workspace looked like? We’ll be profiling some of the most inspirational creative people and uncovering how they like to keep their spaces. Today we’ve chosen our favorite fashion designers, graphic artists and writers. Any you’d like us to know about?

Jenna Lyons, Creative Director, J Crew. Lyons is responsible for recreating the brand’s image to that of the sleek, artistic urban professional.

Her office is covered in photos to inspire her, pretty faux fur throws and rugs that you’d see at home rather than in the office. She sets the tone for the live-work studio feel.

Jenna 2

Jenna 1

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Chip Kidd, designer of some of our most famous and favorite book covers. His office features every single cover to celebrate his accomplishments. The city skyline view isn’t bad either.

Chip 1

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Chip 2

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Designer, Yves Saint Laurent’s space is unique, serving her personal tastes.




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Will Self, writer. They say when you have a good idea write it down. Mr. Self has several.

Will Self


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You would think infamous Karl Lagerfeld would have an office filled with mannequins. But, no, books!

Karl 1

Karl 2[2]

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