5 Ways To A Happier, More Productive Commute

Some of us have long commutes, sitting in traffic. Others, walk, bike or hop on a quick train ride. However your morning shakes out, we here at 24 Seven Talent are giving tips to ensure your path is smooth.

1. Meditate 

If you take a bus or a train to work, we can’t recommend the meditation app, Head Space enough. A simple 10 minutes, seated upright with your eyes closed can make a world of difference in your day. The voice guides you through “you time” and will give you peace and focus. It’s something that doesn’t require chanting, so you don’t have to be self-conscious in public. No “Ohm’s” included. Try it, and let us know how much better your mind and body feel.

2. Learn Something 

It’s easy to get complacent when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s also simple to revert to emotions like frustration and helplessness. When you’re not getting where you need to go as quick as you wanted, travel to your happy place. This list of 2015’s Best Podcasts is sure to stimulate your mind.  When your co-workers ask what the next “Serial” is, you’ll have an answer and then some.

3. Anticipate Problems and Organize

It can be helpful to accept that you may get stuck in traffic and be late to a meeting. Or that 5 subway cars will arrive, packed with people and you won’t be able to board. And, yes, the humidity is at 90%. Knowing that every morning isn’t mapped out flawlessly will help you have a sense of humor about the little inconveniences. There are also great ways you can prepare the evening before. Pack your lunch, lay out your outfit, fill up your tank, carry water, create a great playlist. Have wireless devices in your car to take calls, See if you can get a babysitter on stand-by. And know that you’re only human and so is your commute!

4. Get Ahead Of Your Day 

For some people their bus or train ride is a way to get work done, uninterrupted. Make your To-do list with these awesome apps or start drafting emails you need to send. Having a light weight lap top or a tablet is key. Hotspot or work offline, and tighten things up. That way on your way home, you can unwind.

5. Change Your Hours

If your job takes hours of commuting and you’re feeling worn down and unproductive, ask your employer what they can do. You’d be surprised by the answers you get. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. Create a plan of action specifying how you can benefit your company with remote or part-time working from home. Make sure you include all the extra hours you’ll be focusing on work rather than stuck in traffic. Outline what technologies you’ll use to be accessible like: Google Hang Outs, Hip Chat and Skype. Offer weekend accessibility. Know your value to the team and leverage it for an all around happier work flow.