Creating a Culture Employees Crave

how to find the best company culture

Whether searching for a new job or looking to hire, compromising culture match isn’t good for anyone. It may be tempting to ignore the inner voice that whispers (or screams) “This won’t work!” – especially when one is desperate to flee a miserable role, or has been trying to fill a team vacancy for months. But year after year, our proprietary research of the job market has found that improving cultural fit with each new hire has a demonstrable positive impact on the company. This year, our study indicates that employees who achieve “culture click” are happiest, loyal, highly engaged, and least likely to feel burned out.

Culture connection

But there seems to be a lot of inner voice ignoring going on, because only 3 in 10 survey respondents felt like they had made the ultimate culture connection. Finding a better culture is among the main reasons to look for a new role. In fact, almost seven in ten survey participants are looking to make a job change in the next year. So what are some of the things companies can do to create a culture that both attracts and retains talent? Well, it’s less about the physical trappings of a place, but rather a mind-set and vibe, and who is setting the tone.

5 of the 10 aspects workers most covet:

1.   Attitude toward work/life balance

2.   Authenticity

3.   Direct manager

4.   Commitment to employee development

5.   Company leadership

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