What I Learned from the 2017 Beauty Job Market Watch

beauty job market report


When I came to work at 24 Seven, I had no idea how involved the company is in the beauty community. Beauty is an industry that I have always wanted to be a part of and learn more about, especially since I didn’t know the difference between contouring and concealer.

I also didn’t know that beauty industry runs a lot deeper than just what’s on the surface – it is a multi-billion dollar industry! In fact, this past year, the beauty industry reached $17 billion according to our 2017 Beauty Job Market Report. Naturally, when I found this out I wanted to learn more. When the opportunity came to hear our Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development, Lisa Marie Ringus, speak at the CEW Career Development Series 2017 Beauty Job Market Watch, I couldn’t turn it down.

I’m in the right field

Sales, Digital & Interactive, and Marketing are still the most in-demand jobs of 2017, which means I’m headed in the right direction. Most companies are going to place a huge emphasis on digital jobs (if they haven’t done so already), so if there’s a skill you want to learn within the beauty space, consider something related to technology. Graphic design, social media, web development, and digital marketing are all great skills to acquire in 2017.

Another fact about today’s job market is that traditional experience in these fields isn’t entirely necessary to get hired. Self-educating through online courses is now more widely accepted, so if you didn’t get an education in graphic design or marketing, that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn those skills. Being a hybrid, jack-of-all-trades employee is also highly sought after by hiring managers.

Most employees’ workplaces are less than ideal

Employees have defined the “ideal workplace” by salary, culture, traditional benefits, work-life balance, and career growth. Our recent survey reported only 15% of Beauty employees feel their workplace is ideal, which means some, most, or all ideal aspects are lacking.

This should be sobering for those of us who do enjoy what we do. Regardless of where you work, it’s important to remember that things could be a lot worse. If you are paid fairly, respected by your co-workers, and able to maintain a life outside of the office I’d say your workplace is ideal. Even if that’s not the case, all hope isn’t lost.

Employers are recognizing this demand in ideology and working towards creating a more employee-driven work environment. If you happen to find yourself in an environment that isn’t, there are plenty of job opportunities elsewhere that would gladly take your skill set and expertise.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, time does

When companies can’t offer higher compensation, employees are willing to “settle” for unconventional perks like unlimited time off, flex work time, improved benefits, etc. As the job market has evolved, so have employees’ priorities making time more valuable than ever. After higher salary, employee’s #1 sought after perk is more time off/flexible work option. And can you blame them?

Employees want to work to live not live to work and employers are slowly but surely coming around to the idea. In fact, 7 in 10 Beauty employees feel empowered and more productive when they have control over when and where they work. Who knew?


Lisa ended the night by stating that with a shared responsibility between workers and employers, they may be able to find common ground to work towards an ideal work environment for all. Communication must be transparent and clearly defined goals should be established.

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Written by: Brittany Johnston