A Beautiful Game of Thrones

beauty is your business podcast

This past week 24 Seven participated in a Beauty podcast event, “A Beautiful Game of Thrones” in partnership with MouthMedia Networks. Our very own EVP of Global Sales and Business Development, Lisa Marie Ringus, was interviewed on the state of the beauty job market and offered her advice to brands wanting to attract and retain top beauty talent. Lisa Marie built the beauty business at 24 Seven from the ground up and lives and breathes all things talent.

Lisa was joined by Alesia Lanzo of L’Oreal, Regina Gwynn of Tresse Noire, and Karen Moon of Trendalytics. Topics ranged from retention, the gig economy and trends in innovation, to the hiring process and a need to “throw out the rule book.”

beauty is your business podcast

Retention within an organization is a full-time job

In today’s market, job hopping is no longer frowned upon. According to 24 Seven’s Beauty Job Market Report from the last few years, candidates, specifically millennial candidates, expect to stay at a job for no more than 1-2 years. With this in mind, it’s no wonder organizations are struggling to retain their top performers. Retention within an organization is expensive, and it’s not just about offering free snacks and massages. While those things are nice, we’ve found that what employees want most are opportunities for growth and an organization with a mission they can believe in. Authenticity is key in 2017. Employees are looking for transparency and open communication from their employer. Even if you are able to develop this “ideal” work environment, don’t be too surprised if your new hires are still planning to make a move after a year or two.  According to Lisa Marie job hopping shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. In fact she says it creates a “healthy work environment.” Mobility ensures candidates have a wide variety of experiences and allows them to keep their skills current. As companies welcome new talent they benefit from a  fresh perspective.

beauty is your business podcast

Throw out the rulebook on HR

There are more job openings today than there are candidates to fill them. With the rapidly changing digital landscape, organizations are struggling to keep up. It’s a candidate’s market and organizations that are too rigid in their hiring process, from pipeline, to retention and growth, will lose. “You have to throw out the rule book on HR,” Lisa Marie said. The way you hire 6 months from now will be different from how you hire today. Organizations have to be nimble, quick to move on desirable candidates and flexible in their hiring strategy.

Don’t underestimate soft skills

Year after year 24 Seven has reported in our Job Market Report that evaluating a candidate’s soft skills is as, if not more, important than finding a candidate who meets the hard skill requirements of an open role. In order to win in today’s competitive market, organizations must seek out talent with the soft skills to help take your brand to the next level. Hire for the future of your business; look for the thinker, the challenger, the dreamer, the rising star. Creativity, entrepreneurship and the ability to learn new skills are some of the soft skills 24 Seven looks for when meeting with candidates. But, according to Lisa Marie, it’s not enough to find talent with these qualities, you have to help them flourish within the organization. “Invite open dialogue and coach talent along the way.” The circulation of new skills and ideas is the momentum that companies seek to stay ahead of their competition and make waves in the industry.

beauty is your business podcast

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