Content Experiences for Brands with Conde Nast

Josh Stinchcomb Content is your Business

Josh Stinchcomb, Chief Experience Officer for Conde Nast , joins hosts Lisa BergerEdward Hertzman and Dalia Strum in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

Partnerships, being immersive, and emotional connection

Stinchcomb, reviews how Conde creates bespoke activations for brand partners of the company by fostering relationships with people in the editorial, tech and business teams of their 22 titles. Building the process in real time, 23 Stories is able to create experiences for partners that have never been created before. The goal is to create an emotional connection with consumers that feels important and is measurable.

Stinchcomb explains how marketers are more sophisticated today in their ability to measure engagement, as content and experiences can be shared digitally. He also asserts that people are willing to pay for a B2B component that provides interaction. Conde Nast can track and measure results of movement on product consideration and purchase intent.

23 Stories, technology, and making movies

23 Stories was a response to declining ad revenue and a means to make up for it. Stinchcomb explains how digital advertising is growing despite declining print ads industrywide and how they’ve had to forge partnerships in technology more so than a typical ad agency. The studio has also gotten into the movie business with films such as “Last Chance U” on Netflix, that was originally an article in one of Conde’s publications.

When it comes to talent, Stinchcomb explains the quality of branded content is increasing and to be able to do this type of work you need to have a variety of skills, writing, creative direction, project management, strategy etc. Finding all of those skills in a single person is rare, but Stinchcomb advises that you can build an infrastructure where all of these skills can coexist. Everyone must be a little more of a Five Pole player.

Studios vs. independents, who make better partners, and being comfortable

In a round of “What’s Your Story”, Stinchcomb opens up about where he sees his career going, and what inspires him most, including a nod to the Conde Nast’s culture. Stinchcomb’s advice is to be comfortable and open to change in order to survive in today’s digital climate.

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