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Pros of Hiring a Freelancer vs a Direct Hire

Hire A Freelancer

If you’re thinking about hiring a freelance worker, you are not alone. It is a great time to hire freelance workers, especially because most companies are working off a hybrid working model - some people work from home, while others work from the office with flexible working arrangements.  In a recent survey to our freelancers, 100% said they have the tools and a designated quiet space to work from home effectively. If you’ve got a specific project coming up, a freelance hire might be the best decision to fill any expertise gaps.At our freelance recruitment agency, we help companies find the perfect freelancers and direct hires. We know that every position and candidate is unique, and that’s why we thought it would be helpful to go over both the pros of freelancing and direct hires so you can decide which will work best for your business.

Freelance Talent Benefits

The major shift towards freelancing, has occurred for a number of reasons. For many, it is the desire for independence and flexibility. In fact, 47% of younger workers (18-24) are either full-time or part-time freelancers, it's clear this is a growing trend and one that is here to stay. This so-called “gig economy” has its benefits for businesses looking to fill a variety of specialized positions including Digital Marketers, Growth Marketing Managers, SEO Specialists, and UX/UI Designers, here's why:

  • Affordability – Right off the bat, you are not responsible for large overhead costs like office space, equipment, and in most cases, other benefits such as private healthcare and pension contributions. In addition, you have access to lower-cost talent in the global market.

  • Flexibility – As much as the freelancer loves this pro, it can also benefit you as an employer. You are not locked into set schedules when it comes to assigning tasks, so things can get done quickly and efficiently.

  • Specific Skills – If you need a very specific task completed — for instance, SEO or SEM work — hiring freelance experts is the best way to go. You’ll get the task accomplished without being saddled with a full-time employee who you may not have enough projects for.

  • Experience - Our freelancers gain lots of experience from working with a variety of different brands across sectors including marketing, advertising, fashion, beauty and retail. Each project freelancers completes adds skills to their ever-growing arsenal. Your business stands to gain from all that vast experience.

The Pros of Going with a Full-time Hire

While you might be set on hiring a freelancer, don’t forget there are still some major benefits to opting for a direct hire. In fact, some initial studies of upcoming Generation Z, show that they take a much more traditional view of work, so the trend toward freelancing may reverse itself in the near future. If you choose to go with a full-time hire, there are certainly a number of benefits.

  • Loyalty and Dedication – If you bring someone on as a direct-hire, both parties are making a full-time commitment. The employee has indicated they are dedicated to your company and completing their work in close proximity and you will provide the stability of a workplace environment and benefits like vacations, healthcare options and other office perks. This leads to a much higher level of loyalty and dedication.

  • Future Leaders – By making an investment in direct hires, you are also creating a pipeline of future leaders. These valued team members can not only help you accomplish critical tasks today, but with the right training and resources they just may be the source of your company’s future success.

Making the Choice Between Hiring Freelancers Or Full-time Employees

While there are benefits to both freelancers and direct hires, the most important takeaway from this comparison is that there is no set formula to making the right choice for your business.

No matter the position, you should assess your needs first, weigh all your options and then make sure you have access to the best workers. Sometimes a sound strategy is to use freelancers to keep projects moving forward while you search for the perfect full-time hire. At 24 Seven we call this our Total Talent Formula.

At our freelance recruitment agency, it is not uncommon to see the freelancers we’ve placed convert to full-time employees – it’s a great way for both the employer and the talent to try each other out to make sure it’s a good fit. Sometimes the best option is to include both full-time and freelance employees in your talent mix, check out how including both can benefit you.

Check out our guide to hiring freelancers to learn more! When you’re ready to hire a freelancer, contact our freelance recruiters at 24 Seven Talent to help you find the perfect full-time or freelance hire for your company.