How Milk Agency Utilizes The Content Pyramid

Angela Wei Milk Agency

Angela Wei, the Managing Director of Milk Agency, joins our hosts on this week’s episode of Content is Your Business. Milk Agency is a creative agency, production resource and brand partner part of Milk Group, a culturally conscious company.

A New Kind of Platform

Wei discusses how Milk Agency works as an extension of Milk Studios by being a full service creative studio started 20 years ago as one of the first independent photo studios. The agency is truly a platform for creative collaboration and expression, by featuring emerging talent and cultural stories. Wei began her career path as an early employee at Razorfish, and worked from digital content into the ad world, working at MTV and at Discovery Channel. She then became interested in how brands collaborated with other brands, and landed a job at Time Inc. working in branded solutions.

The Content Pyramid

Wei describes content as a pyramid — at the top are films and featured commercials, and it slowly works down to snackable content at the bottom. Milk creates throughout the pyramid. She explains that modern marketing is not enough, and that content is the future, with brands being the publishers. The industry is intertwined, and big media houses are pushing to keep integrity and trust. This works, though, because younger people are more comfortable with brands as a culture shift, and with brands engaging more and creating dialogue, Wei says that an audience is a pyramid too because scaling is meaningless without a true purpose and a north star. When it comes down to it, collaborations and content all need to circle back to the brand foundation.

The “Barbell Model”

The discussion leads into how digital content is moving towards the “barbell model,” which divides content into two categories – pure programmatic or custom. Anything previously classified in the middle has gone away and turned into pure performance marketing, creating the “barbell” aspect.  Brands are focused more on brand content and experiences, pop ups, IP values, content as input, and customizing content by their market. Wei shares her perspective on branding and experience ROI, measuring success, and the impact of clickable marketing.

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