24 Seven’s 2019 Job Market Research Aims to Help Employers Win the Raging War for Talent

Every year, 24 Seven underwrites one of the largest research studies of the job market in creatively-driven industries. Targeting thousands of workers (and the hiring managers seeking to employ them), our annual study tracks historical trends and identifies emerging patterns around compensation, benefits, and talent management, plus the attitudes and behaviors of employees about seeking work and the workplace today.

Insights to help you manage your talent strategy

As companies navigate one of the most competitive talent markets since The Great Recession, our aim is to provide insights that employers can use to attract talent while also retaining their current top performers. In addition to learning how their company compares in terms of compensation increases and benefits offered, hiring managers will learn what inspires employee loyalty and triggers attrition. The insights offered are intended to help companies improve their employment brand, deliver a better job candidate experience, and their present the most attractive employment proposition.

It’s STILL a candidate’s market

This year’s study will dive deeply into talent mobility trends, and seek to provide insights into what’s driving talent to the exits at their current employer. The survey will explore the level of empowerment talent feels in the current hiring climate. Do job seekers understand the leverage they have? Are they choosier about who to work for and the roles they seek? What do they expect from companies, both in terms of remuneration and workplace amenities? How do they see their employment future – do they plan to be part of the ever growing gig economy?

And what are employers doing differently to win the raging war for talent? How have they changed the way they are approaching recruiting and retaining in this full employment economy? Do they understand the importance of the candidate experience in this competitive environment – what improvements are they making to sell the chance to work for the company?

Job Market Report 2019