Q&A with Jason Cassidy, the CEO of Project Management Academy (PMA)

We had the opportunity to chat with Jason Cassidy, the CEO of Project Management Academy (PMA), about the role of training in today’s shut-in-economy, why soft skills are increasingly important, and of course the benefit of getting Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified.

Tell us a little bit about Project Management Academy.

Project Management Academy (PMA) started over 10 years ago on the straightforward mission of providing the highest quality Project Management Professional (PMP) test prep in the market.  Today we have grown to serve 10K+ students each year with our live virtual, in-classroom, and self-paced online courses not just for PMP® exam prep but to help them with the skills they need throughout their career in areas like agile, leadership, business analysis.  We also work directly with organizations to help them build the skills and talent on their team to execute in a highly competitive business environment.

How do you feel online training fits into today’s shut-in economy?

The skills that we teach and the certifications we prepare students for are highly relevant no matter whether business is being done in person or remotely. When we look at the skills needed in today’s economy that we teach for, skills like organization, problem solving, communication, they have an important position no matter the working conditions.  As well, with our line-up of flexible schedules for our highly interactive virtual instructor-led courses as well as a wide range of self-paced courses, students can use their time working at home efficiently in a way that fits their schedule whether  preparing for a certification exam and gaining the skills needed to be most impactful on the job.

What is the benefit of getting PMP certified? OR specifically, if someone is looking to pivot in their career, how can getting PMP certified help them? Is there a particular benefit for earning a certification right now?

The PMP® certification is the industry standard in Project Management.  In some industries and in some companies the certification is required to be in a project management role.  Even if it is not specifically required, the certification shows that an individual has both the training and experience to be an impactful project manager and it gives people an advantage over other candidates. To find out more about PMP® certification requirements, click here.


Even if a new role of interest is not specifically for a ‘project manager’, the importance of having the skills of project management in any role, in particular when we look at roles in the creative industries, are invaluable. The PMP® certification signals the job candidate has these necessary skills.


Right now, as people are potentially out of work or working fewer hours, many want to improve their marketability for keeping their job or getting a new job. Taking advantage of the potential additional time with either fewer working hours or potentially less of a commute makes this an opportune time to take courses to gain skills and certifications like the PMP®.

What makes your course stand out?

PMA focuses on the student outcomes: that they pass the test and have the skills to be most impactful in their role and in doing so, position themselves to get jobs, get promotions, and get raises.


With these outcomes in mind we have the most stringent instructor selection process – selecting instructors that have real world project management experience, certifications, and teaching experience. Each instructor goes through a rigorous interview process including mock teaching, observing other instructors, and an observed full course all before they are officially allowed to teach on their own course for us. We also surround the students with the highest quality materials for learning both in the classroom with a proven curriculum as well as during their independent study after class with study aids, practice questions, supplemental videos, and interactive tutoring.


Lastly, our customer service is something in which we take huge pride.  Our team is there to help the students in any way that we can throughout the process.


Using your downtime to invest in training is a great way to help yourself stand out as a candidate. If you’re interested in preparing to pass your PMP® certification through training with Project Management Academy click here to learn more and gain access to an exclusive discount for 24 Seven candidates.