Why now is the perfect time to freelance

While life may feel like it has begun to steady amidst a complete upheaval of what was once normal, unemployment rates continue to stay astoundingly high. Many people are still struggling to secure a job in the presence of COVID-19, you’re not alone. If you’ve traditionally worked in a full-time role, the recruiters at 24 Seven encourage you to consider the transition to freelance. At first, it may seem daunting, impossible even, but we’re here to share four reasons why now may be the time to make the switch.

There are no strings attached 

As a freelancer, one of the most priceless benefits you’ll gain is flexibility and freedom.You’ll be able to choose your projects and clients as well as determine your schedule. You will have the ability to “try before you buy,” so you can test out a company or role without the commitment of a full time contract. As we’ve watched our day-to-day dramatically change over the past few months, the gift of flexibility during this time is one that will continue to give while proving its benefit in both the long and short term. Our freelance recruiters could not recommend the switch more, and are happy to discuss the benefits of becoming a freelance employee.

Money, Money, & More Money

One of the number one reasons to switch jobs is for a raise in pay, and while finding a full-time job within your desired salary range may feel next to impossible right now. However, opening yourself up to freelance work will keep you in the driver’s seat. As you begin the search for your next freelance position, it’s important you know your worth and determine what your salary nets out to as an hourly figure ahead of time. When someone reaches out for a project, stand firm on your desired rate, be prepared to negotiate if needed, and keep in mind that things like medical benefits and supplies are likely now your responsibility. Another thing to consider is the value of your own time.  As a freelancer you’ll be responsible for locking in your own clients and projects so budgeting your time will be even more important.

Grow your skill set

As a freelancer you’ll gain lots of experience working with a variety of different brands from across sectors and industries. Each project you complete will add to your skillset and ever-growing arsenal. You’ll become an even more desirable candidate by building upon your resume with a variety of new experiences. By doing freelance work, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn what type of company and team you gravitate towards by taking on a variety of different projects. If you do decide to go back to full-time one day you’ll know exactly what to look for. We cannot stress how important it is to build your skill set, but also know what you want to work on and how you like to work. It’s crucial to know yourself and your freelance work.

Finding stability as a freelancer

Traditionally, taking on full-time work has been perceived as a stable choice. But in a COVID-19 world, with millions of Americans who once felt confident and secure in their full-time jobs applying for unemployment, we’re encouraging candidates to consider freelancing for the first time. Establishing yourself as a freelancer gives you the option to take on multiple projects at the same time and work when you want and for who you want. As the economy continues to ebb and flow, businesses will have to make tough choices and may be forced to reduce headcount further. Many companies are considering bringing on freelancers as opposed to full-time employees as they wade through pandemic uncertainty. Opening yourself up to the possibility of freelancing will in-turn open you up to more job possibilities and overall stability as a freelancer.


During this time when the global workforce has been disrupted and there’s uncertainty about what the future holds, freelancing may be the answer. Entering the world of freelance will help you set your own schedule, build upon your skillset, and diversify the clients you work with on a day-to-day basis, making you a more attractive candidate overall. Ready to find your next freelance role? 24 Seven is here to help you do just that.