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So you have your new job and so far it’s going well. However, as you get started you realize “Hey, I think I may be into learning how to code.” This is great! Coding is an in demand skill and you’re investing in yourself.

Mind the Gap

24 Seven recently released it’s annual 2015 Salary & Job Market Report, which emphasized the existence of a Skills Gap and its negative repercussions on companies. The Harvard Business Review

Fashion Friday

Today’s Fashion Friday at 24 Seven Talent is all about making your Summer 2014 work wardrobe a hit. This week we’ve decided to play with bold patterns for men and

Fashion Friday

It’s Fashion Friday at 24 Seven Talent and we’ve put together some looks to inspire you at the office, on the beach, and a few to make you the hit

Wearable Wednesday – FitBit

  We’ve been bringing you Wearable Wednesday each week, discussing if wearable technology is sustainable for the masses and celebrating our favorite items and companies. With every stride towards progress comes

Wearable Wednesday!

We’ve been keeping our eyes out for the latest in Wearable Tech. We’re not trend spotting, but alerting our candidates, clients and other readers to useful gadgets that serve to

SXSW Envy?

24 Seven Talent has got our cowboy boots on and we’re on the ground at SXSW 2014 lookin’ to connect. This blog is dedicated not just to those attending the