Spring Clean Your Resume!

Spring Clean Your Resume!

We’re all familiar with the obsession around spring cleaning. From donating and getting rid of clothes you don’t wear, to breaking out the big vacuum, to even eating clean foods,

3 Ways to Find Your Perfect Job Match

The Perfect Match

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it seems everywhere you look there are ads for dating sites geared towards finding the perfect relationship. It’s the season of love and over at

5 Tips for Corporate Headshots

So it’s time to update your business headshot. The grainy, cropped photo from Spring Break you’ve had up on LinkedIn doesn’t really represent your professional image these days. Let’s face

SXSW Interactive

If you’re headed to SXSW 2014, give us a shout! We’re packing and prepping as we type. We’ll be updating our Talent Thread with advice and most importantly, taco tips. We’ve got

Recruiters Reveal Part 2

[wpvideo bXixrSX4] The second part has arrived! Laura Pellicano, Freelance Account Manager for our  Marketing, Interactive and Creative division, out of our New York City office, shares her inside tips in “Recruiters

Crafting a Killer Resume

The Presentation [Your Pitch] Consider utilizing an online portfolio platform to further launch your vision. Having an electronic collection of projects or examples of your work can further bolster the

Crafting a Killer Resume

The Details [Trimming the Excess & Accessorizing] Coco Chanel, the queen of minimalist chic, once said, “Before you walk out the door every day, take one thing off.” We’re pretty

Crafting a Killer Resume

The Content [Your Fabric] OK, OK. So yes, the concept and pattern are both vital aspects of the designing process, but selecting the right fabric can make or break even

Crafting a Killer Resume

Tip #2 Layout Structure [The Pattern] Equally as important as conceptualizing the message you intend to convey with your resume is layout. Like the pattern of a fabulous design, the