24 Seven Freelancer Benefits

24 Seven is dedicated to providing a comprehensive benefits program to our Freelance employees. As a Freelance recruitment agency, 24 Seven appreciates the role that benefits play as a component to the overall compensation of its freelancers.

24 Seven provides eligible Freelancers the opportunity to elect benefits under the following plans):


  • Health Benefits
  • Vision Care
  • Eyewear Discount Program
  • Dental Plan
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan

Health Insurance Benefits provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield

Freelancers hired to work a full-time schedule (at least 30 hours per week) through 24 Seven are eligible to enroll the first of the month following 60 days of employment. Enrollment information is sent the month prior to the effective date.

Freelancers hired to work a part-time or variable schedule (less than 30 hours per week) are eligible based on average hours worked in any 12-month period. Those that have worked a minimum of 1,560 hours during this period will be notified of eligibility to enroll.


24 Seven offers holiday pay for eligible Freelancers employed through our recruitment agency.


24 seven provides Freelancers with mandatory paid time off benefits in accordance with applicable law.


As a Freelance recruitment agency, we know how important it is to foster community. We offer resume, portfolio and interview workshops, industry events with guest speakers, career counseling, computer training and much more to our Freelance candidates so they feel like they’re part of our tribe.