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Job# 36769 BH# 391981
Contact# 5719638

391981 - Jr. Shopify Developer Req 10140037


This role is not just a UI/UX designer.  This person will be expected to do frontend coding on a day-to-day basis and needs a basic understanding of the backend as well to be successful. The candidates need be local to Philly and able to report to offices once the work from home restrictions are lifted.  Also need reasonable experience with Shopify or Typescript.   

UMG is looking for a Junior Shopify Developer to build new feature sets and interfaces to resolve bugs on our Shopify eCommerce stack. The developer will be responsible for updating and troubleshooting existing code and Shopify apps, optimizing site performance, and developing custom modules and interfaces for our global Shopify eCommerce stack from top down, standardizing and templatizing where possible.  This position requires knowledge of Shopify and its templating language (Liquid) and an understanding of multiple areas and facets of the eCommerce space, beyond Shopify itself, to build for vastly different client problems/goals while using a single set of underlying core technologies.

Build and deploy new and cutting-edge features for our Shopify store fronts using existing or custom developed modules and templates.
Support the store operations team in production launches and daily troubleshooting.
Troubleshoot and assist in the build of interfaces to critical eCommerce systems and technologies, including but not limited to order management system, warehouses, and financial systems.
Troubleshoot and assist in the build of systems integrations with various other consumer marketing platforms (CRM, AdTech, MarTech, Customer Service Tech).?
Write technical user stories and convert user stories into deliverables.
Provide estimates to the required level of accuracy for stories and tasks.
Test deliverables against a user story’s acceptance tests.
Create technical documentation.


Solid understanding of Shopify and general eCommerce and consumer marketing technologies
In depth knowledge of Shopify and its templating language (Liquid)
Strong proficiency in modern design patterns and development languages including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Proficiency in responsive design principles
Knowledge of APIs, webhooks, and general data transfer approaches
Ability to identify areas that can be streamlined or automated
Ability to write unit tests when implementing user stories and design and develop code for testability
Solid grounding with common design patterns and development best practices
Ability to multi-task, problem solve, and execute tasks with accuracy in a high-pressure, fast-paced agile environment
Customer-first mentality with ability to empathize and create customer loyalty
Strong drive to continue improving skills and to stay on the cutting edge of web technology
Capable of learning new technologies and platforms quickly and able to apply them to solve complex problems


Minimum 2-3 years of experience working on the Shopify platform
Knowledge of ecommerce technology landscape and associated stacks (shopping cart, API integrations, OMS, IMS, WMS, credit card processing, tax engine, digital distribution etc.)
Experienced in:
2-3 years Shopify theme and app development – Shopify Plus experience a plus, one or more provable Shopify certifications preferred
Front end frameworks React, Shopify’s Polaris, and jQuery
NodeJS, JavaScript (ES2019+), ESLint and coding standards, Typescript
Experience with at least 1 Linux distribution
Experience with task runners, build tools, and bundlers like Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, etc.
Data applications using Fetch/AJAX/JSONP with JSON/XML/HTML content
Experience with version control systems (Bitbucket/GitHub)
Experience working within an agile team
Experience setting up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) with tools like Jenkins, Github, and BitBucket
Bonus Skills:
Knowledge of AWS design and infrastructure
Experience with multiple Linux distributions
1-2 years in an agile environment (Scrum and/or Kanban)
Experience developing mobile applications
Authentication and authorization technologies a plus: SAML, OAuth, OpenID
Proficiency with relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL/MariaDB
A strong understanding of database management and performant database design
Experience integrating with web services (REST, and GraphQL) and third-party libraries
Experience with containerization, docker, docker-compose

Bachelor’s in Computer Science, related field, or equivalent demonstrable experience