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Creative Director

Accessory company based in San Diego is looking for a Creative Director to join their team. 
   What you will do: 
- Manage, direct, and mentor design members and external design resources in developing design concepts and materials as well as assigning project responsibilities  
- Work with copywriter to provide clear direction on brand voice for products and brand related projects   
- Develop, lead & manage creative direction for product launches, sales and promotions   
- Responsible for developing creative briefs and moodboards for all branded campaigns   
- Lead strategic product, graphic & color direction for all product categories including advertising, web, catalogs and point-of-purchase collateral, etc.    
- Provide direction and support for all Blenders branded design projects including product, merchandising, retail store, event activations, etc.   
- Responsible for all direction on product packaging, stickers, insert cards, etc   
- Direct photographers and videographers to create consistent world class content   
- Art direct photoshoots on time, on budget & on brand - capturing content for world class marketing initiatives  
- Work with product dev team to develop and execute product graphics and color direction  
- Responsible for providing hands-on design execution, management and mentorship of design members and external design partners in developing design concepts and  
materials as well as assigning project responsibilities to team members;  
- Lead the design execution and approve production readiness of projects created for marketing and sales assets  
- Mentor and support other creatives and foster a work experience that provides room for my team to feel empowered, supported and celebrated.   
Our Creative Director must:  
1. Lead by Example  
- Can make decisions and manage team w/ con?dence.  
- Manage projects on time + on brand  
- Can challenge team and bring out strengths   
- Has a mature approach with clear communicator  
- Is grounded and handles things gracefully.  

2. Flexible  
- Can adapt FAST to multiple tasks and requests.  
- Be FAST, AGILE and NIMBLE on project execution (being proactive & reactive)  
- Is willing and able to change gears quickly.  
- Accepts doing a variety of activities as part of the role and isn’t constrained by what the job “should be.”  
3. Resourceful  
- Nimble & Agile on project budgets  
- Is able to ?gure things out on his/her own.  
- Can make decisions and make things happen.  
- Can take direction and run   
- Can ?nd out how to do things or where to get things independently.  

4. Nurturing  
- Is emotionally supportive.  
- Is understanding and patient.  
- Is compassionate and caring.  

5. Positive and willing  
- Is a friendly, personable, and happy person.  
- Is willing to jump in whenever needed.  
- Goes the extra mile.  

6. Our strategic partner  
- Acts as our partner in getting things done.  
- Is aligned with our values and focus.  
- Understands the bigger picture and looks at the overall context.  

7. A detail-oriented planner  
- Wildly organized  
- Can handle a high degree of detail.  
- Looks and plans ahead.  

8. Open-minded and interested in learning  
- Is open to new ideas and di?erent ways of doing things.  
- Is interested in learning and growing, personally and professionally.  
- Is interested in understanding why, not just handling tasks.  

How do we work with our Creative Director?  
- Most important, we make sure to keep our CD is in the loop with our priorities—both in terms of projects and key objectives. Usually this will mean having daily and/or weekly meetings to connect and make sure we are on the same page.  

Creative Director will Manage / Lead / Create the following:   
- Photoshoots (Moodboards)  
- Video Direction   
- Product Launches (Pre, Launch and Post Launch)  
- Multi Channel Branding (Events, Retail, Print, Web, Social)   
- GTM strategies   
- Insert Cards / Stickers  
- Product Packaging  
- Style Guides   
- Media Kit / Brand Book  
- Brand Guidelines   
- Design team   
- Flyers / Posters   
- Retail Store Graphics    
- Billboards   
- Landing Pages  
- Events / Live Activations   
- Copywriter / Brand copy / Storytelling    
12 Cylinder Creative Department //   
- A CD that is ?nally tuned that i’m not worried about anymore.   
- A CD that is always leading, learning and always improving skill sets   
- A CD that stands on its own and other competitors are jealous of  
- A CD that has no more bad surprises w/ approvals  
- A CD that has a reliable and dependable calendar  
- A CD that runs marries data and creativity  
- A CD that do 2x the work in half the time and 2x more content produced  
- A CD that is energetic, supportive and fearless team that is executing  
- A CD that produces consistent next level content w/ both video and photo  
- A CD that tells amazing stories and inspires its customer  
- A CD that humanizes its touch points and “wows” people    
- A CD that can pivot, create, and adapt quickly