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Job# 29531 BH# 354214
Contact# 5366059

Data Analyst

Our national lifestyle & sports brand in Beaverton is looking for a Data Analyst!

STORE FOCUS: Off-Concept NSP Doors (~6500 doors) MEASURE OF SUCCESS: Increased seasonal full price Sell-thru in off-concept doors EXPECTED TOOL/VALUE DROP: 1Data driven insights that inform 2merchandising approach/framework/support for off-concept NSP doors. Potentially 3new framework for clustering off-concept stores (Example, “Small doors in GC key QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: • Are there Product families, Classification, Power franchises, Price points, Sales periods that are driving sales results? • What are relevant clusters of doors based on sales results? Geography, Cities, Climate, Size of Door, Product Classification, Price points, etc.… ? • Per season, are we under/over buying product based on Geography, Cities, Climate, Size of Door, Product Classification, Price points, etc…? • Based on productivity / full price sell-thru, launch can we determine the right breadth of styles / cc’s for a cluster / classifications? • How can we approach the clusters with a new merchandising approach and/or framework? • What other actionable insights are gathered through the iterative process of analyzing the data? • How can we continue to measure the success of the new merchandising approach for the off-concept doors? PHASE I: Data deep dive: Access, Analyze, Insights • Access a minimum of 8 seasons of product level POS data from POND/ COGNOS / MMX / SOURCE? for all NSP stores that provide POS data. • Analyze data by a number of dimensions including: Product families, Power Franchises, Price Points, GEO/territory, Store type/size against key KPIs including Sell-thru at full price, discount, launch, holiday periods, units, growth rates Y/Y • Define relevant clusters of stores based on data attributes • Generate insights that can be used by merchandising by GEO/territory/city and Store type/size/cluster PHASE 2: Product deep dive: Insights and Actions • Take the data driven insights to generate Merchandizing approach/support/framework • Integrate measurement in existing processes to measure success and adjust as necessary TIMING AND FLOW • PHASE I o LAUNCH PROJECT & IDENTIFY ETW / HIRE BY JUNE 30 o ACCESS AND ANALYSIS BY AUGUST 31 o INSIGHTS BY SEPT 30 • PHASE 2 o MERCH APPROACH / GUIDANCE BY OCT 30 o SOCIALIZE AND DELIVER TO GEO BY NOV 31 [IMPACT FALL 19] o SUSTAINABLE APPROACH TO MEASURE SUCCESS / IMPROVEMENT MEASURE SUCCESS ONGOING • Build approach into Seasonal planning, QBRs and/or annual reviews (identify the right existing processes in to include)