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Job# 38321 BH# 400041
Contact# 6200679

Digital Asset Administrator

Top Skills/Requirements:

  • Detail oriented individual passionate for creative teams and/or marketing
  • Experience in the editing/proof-reading world
  • Experience working with digital assets within a company (product focused team or retail environment is a plus)


  • The Digital Asset Administrator will be assisting within the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to ensure all files that are uploaded are correctly formatted and all digital assets are present, uploaded properly, filed, and correctly maintained in one place.
  • Once files are uploaded into DAM, this person ensures 1000s of assets are uploaded properly, looking at file structure on servers, make sure one to one nothing was missed getting uploaded.
  • They will assist in asset meta-tagging, proofreading style guides (not proofing from a copy perspective, strictly in style guides and titles/file types) and making sure things are named and in the right spot for designers, developers, and executives to quickly and efficiently access.
  • This position requires a lot of quality control and validation.
  • Once a content manager begins building something for their e-commerce site, the Digital Asset Administrator will need to make sure the file name and number are connected with the correct Digital Asset that is uploaded (i.e. a photo, promotional video, advertisement, etc.)
  • Check files for and correct errors in formatting, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Check for technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, numerals, hyphenation and more to adhere to the brand guidelines and stylebook 
  • Check for inconsistency within the story.
  • Check for inconsistency within the layout.
  • Ensure all hyperlinks go where they should (as applicable)
  • Personal and/or professional interest in creative teams, retail, or athletics/apparel brands
  • Must have a keen eye for detail, a strong work ethic and excellent communication skills. 
  • Experience working in retail or with specific products is also a plus.
  • Proof-reading experience in a candidates background and understanding of metadata would be a plus.
  • The ideal candidate would be detail oriented, likes the creative world, wants to get involved, and potentially worked in a library of science at some point in their past.
  • This is an opportunity to learn a new DAM (digital asset manager). 
  • Currently using AEM for tracking and tagging digital assets, but this is not a required skill. It will/can be taught.
  • Their current Project Management software is Workfront and this person will be using that tool/can be taught that, as well.
  • This is the opportunity to work on a highly visible team within the organization, learn the ins and outs of a global brand, work on a high level environment, and learn their software and systems.