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Job# 30929
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Digital Project Manager


Our clientis a renowned company creating cutting-edge software solutions for a diverseportfolio of top brands. Their innovative, dynamic, and integrated approachpresents revolutionary solutions across the globe.



In this position, youwould be responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation,and execution of digital projects. You would also be responsible for ensuringprojects remain consistent with the company’s strategy and objectives.



• Define the project scopeand develop a comprehensive work plan identifying and sequencingactivities to complete new digital projects 
• Determine the necessary resources, such astime, money, and equipment to complete the project on-time and accurately 
• Establish a project schedule to allocateresources to the activities; review theproject schedule with upper management and staff

• Monitor project statusand adjust as necessary to ensure on-time project completion; create records todocument project activities

• Review work quality toensure deliverables meet project standards; establish communication schedule toupdate upper management on project status

Key Qualifications:

• Bachelor's degree

• Related project management experience