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Job# 34129 BH# 379323
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Material & Trim Developer

Overview of the Position & Key Areas of Accountability:

The Material & Trim Developer is responsible for the overall execution and development of all materials and trims from concept through to production. She/he collaborates with the Product Development Team, Design and Production teams to execute product initiatives utilizing creative thinking and problem solving skills. The Material and Trim Developer coordinates the fabric/trim sourcing, data management, construction, testing, quality, and costing which results in the commercial execution of all materials and trims. The Material & Trims Developer performs at an independent, self-directed level with the ability to handle daily decisions.

Areas of Accountability and Tasks:

1.            Sourcing

In collaboration with Design, Merchandising, Product Development Manager and Production team, executes the sourcing of fabrics & trims to support The Brands vision, sourcing strategy and product requirements.

?              Communicates daily with our domestic & international material and trim suppliers to enhance The Brands sourcing strategy, creating respectful, symbiotic relationships for combined growth

?              Sources materials & trims to ensure costs, MOQ, lead-times and technical qualities are met per Design’s intentions

?              Continually assesses mills and trim suppliers to ensure product initiatives are supported and aligned with supply chain strengths.

?              Sets meetings with key suppliers throughout season and at trade shows

?              Participates in post-seasonal supplier evaluations with Design, Product Development, Tech Design and Production teams

2.            Development

Manages the material and trim development T&A based on The Brands development calendar and collaborates with Design, Merchandising, Product Development and Production teams to achieve commercial viability of materials and trims.

?              Collaborates with Design, PD and Merchandising teams to identify material and trim needs at the start of a season.

?              Submits fabric development sheets to mill’s for all new development including finishes, dyestuff specs and performance requirements.

?              Coordinates with the PD team to arrange proto yardage fabric shipment to factories.

?              Proactively trouble-shoots issues regarding fabric characteristics, technical construction, lead times, problem colors and testing from development through to production.

?              Daily communication with mills to confirm fabric pricing, minimums, and availability.

?              Maintains tracking of seasonal progress, utilizing fabric WIP, for associated approvals of all materials and trims. Evaluates submittals to ensure The Brands quality standards are met.

?              Inputs relevant data to SCDS

?              Builds, inputs, and maintains Full Circle Raw Material (RM) codes. Logs pertinent information throughout the season and streamlines item-coding process

?              Counter-sources materials and trims to effectively build products at the best cost, quality, and compliance

?              Tracks and develops SMU materials and trims according to seasonal requests

?              Evaluates development fabric test reports to determine if further testing &/or revisions to fabric

?              Sets and maintains seasonal care label instructions based on fabric/garment qualities and end use

?              Maintains trim and label archive

?              Reviews, evaluates, and is pro-active in regards to material QC issues at time of development and salesman samples and communicates findings to Design, QA, and Production teams

3.            Product Integrity

Cross-functional interaction with all departments of the Brands  to 1- deliver the highest quality product in our market, and 2- communicate the material attributes & vision. This includes: supporting merch with pre-line fabric workbooks to supporting customer service with specific material research and information.

?              Makes thoughtful daily decisions to maintain high levels of standards in quality - from development to production

?              Participates in evaluating daily/seasonal processes in Product Development and how we interact with other teams

4.            Market R&D

Maintains knowledge of industry trends and current events to align the brands  product line with industry progress and growth, as well as, company goals and strategies.

?              Shops the current market (comp shopping & trade shows) for fabrics/trims

?              Provides input to Merchandising team to maintain a well-balanced materials offering with consistency across divisions and within categories

?              Provides material and trim inspiration to Design team in creating the best product possible, aligning with The Brands strategies and seasonal vision

5.            Environmental Health & Safety

Understands and works within The Brands standards of Environmental Health & Safety and how it relates to our employees & consumers, based on: vendor requirements, bluesign certified fabrics, sustainable fibers, RSL (Restricted Substances List), Fair Trade program, and social compliance.

?              Develops and applies depth of knowledge in The Brands Environmental Health & Safety program and how it relates to our daily decision-making, the suppliers we work with, social compliance, and what it means to our consumer

?              Work with the Director of Sourcing to execute The Brands  Environmental Health and Safety program.

?              Integrate bluesign® traceability into the materials sourcing and management PLM, ensuring correct labeling of final product.

?              Ensure certification for organic and recycled materials from mills in the development process.

?              Materials & trims sourcing aligning with The Brands sustainability strategy and seeks to bring the company towards meeting our goals.

Minimum Job Qualifications:

Education and Experience

•             Bachelor’s degree in Apparel &/or Textile Product Development, Merchandising or Design is required

•             6+ years industry experience in Product Development

•             Extensive knowledge of material construction, fabrics (knits & wovens) & their properties, and trims in the following (Men’s, Women’s &/or Accessories) categories: Outerwear, Mid-Layer, Performance, Activewear, Swimwear, Lifestyle, Sweaters, Dresses, Accessories

•             Understanding of supply chain transparency and compliance

•             Experience travelling internationally &/or domestically to evaluate vendor execution

•             Experience in costing and negotiating

•             Working knowledge of: PDM systems, Word, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, SharePoint

Key Competencies

•             Calm and mindful disposition in all actions

•             Attention to detail

•             Establishes and maintains schedules by prioritizing heavy workloads and multiple seasons overlapping

•             Demonstrates a flexible work-style based on shifting demands and priorities

•             Excels in a team-based structure and maintains a positive attitude in a team environment

•             Self-directed

•             Ability to achieve goals, tasks and responsibilities with a high level of integrity

•             Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

•             Effective and organized presentation skills

•             Problem-solving skills

•             Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and openness to new ideas and change

•             Comfortable with conflicting personalities and work-styles

•             Personal values align with The Brands values:

•             We support a life/work balance

•             We strive to deliver the highest quality product and experience to our customer

•             We take positive steps towards environmental and social change

•             We are a high energy, hardworking and playful culture

•             We are inspired by SEVA

Travel Requirements

•             Must be able to travel internationally up to 2 times annually