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Job# 38275 BH# 399465
Contact# 6430494

Media Analyst & Strategist

We're searching for a talented media spend analyst & strategist who knows how to scale ads on digital channels like Facebook, Google, and Youtube. 

Here's what we need from you:
• Expertise at media buying analysis, strategy and optimization (this is more a analyst / strategy role)
• A fool-proof plan to drive new growth across ALL cold traffic channels
• Strategy and execution of paid cold traffic campaigns on Facebook and Youtube
• Strong leadership during weekly meeting with media buyers reporting on performance, sharing insights, and making recommendations
• Bridging the gap between data and creative production via weekly creative team meetings
• Heavy background in CRO and understanding of current "funnel hacking" processes
• Intense focus on daily spend, campaign performance, audience and algorithm fluctuations, optimizations of copy and ad placement
• Creative insights into opportunities to optimize audiences, creative assets like videos, and sales page copy
• Collaboration with copywriters, designers, and content producers to consistently optimize performance
• Create SOPs for testing audiences, messaging, creative, and offers
• Bring your own ideas for copy, product positioning, and funnel design or functionality
• Set clear KPIs and report on them with extreme accuracy daily & weekly
• Cooperate with leadership for future-oriented goals and milestones

Experience requirements:
• Data scientist mindset, excel at pulling data, setting up reports, analysis
• Expert at media buying strategy on multiple platforms (YouTube Facebook)
• Track and report results and recommendations to manager
• 3-5 years experience scaling ecommerce and direct response product sales online
• Experience managing substantial monthly budgets (mid six to seven figures)
• Deep focus on analytics with an additional skill-set in creativity and sales persuasion
• In-depth competence of platform algorithms, campaign setup, and optimization
• Strong adherence to trial-and-error experimentation
• Intense pattern recognition and mathematical perspective on advertising
• Desire to succeed and stop at nothing to accomplish your goals
• Acute interest in problem solving and mastering algorithm behavior
• Exhaustive understanding of analytics, attribution models, split test and conversion data
• Personal familiarity with campaigns, audience targeting, bid optimization, budget and management
• Fierce interest in personal development, self-improvement, and endless self-optimization and learning

How we gauge your effectiveness:
• Results Driven - Produce the leading and lagging indicators that we look for, while accomplishing requested assignments