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Job# 38063 BH# 398315
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Outreach Specialist (Customer Service)

Outreach Specialist

Position Overview:

We are looking for two temporary team members who can conduct outbound phone calls to speak with and assess potential suppliers/manufacturers. These conversations will be high-level. We will train individuals, have them shadow calls and provide a script to guide the conversation.

The core competency we need is individuals who are comfortable on the phone ~6 hours a day (doing preparation/misc tasks for the other 2 hours of the day) and can build rapport and steer the conversation towards obtaining the information we'll need to know to determine if a supplier is a good fit for us. A personable individual who can build a connection over the phone and leave suppliers with a positive impression of our company is important.


Ideally this person would have:

  • Strong verbal communication
  • Prior experience with phone sales / political phone banking / cold calling type experience
  • Comfort with spreadsheets (excel), computers, etc.
  • Prior experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • Comfort hopping into a project and taking initiative
  • General

Candidate will be required to come into the office for training the first week or until they are comfortable on the phone alone, otherwise they can work from home.

We have COVID protocols in place: mask required at all times, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing, etc.