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Job# 32739
Contact# 6296893

PO Clerk

Client Overview:  

Our client is a specialty retailer offeringwell-known apparel, shoes, accessories, and home brands. Their on trend, highquality, and dynamic approach presents endless opportunity for customers tolive stylishly every day. 

Position Overview: 

In this position, you would be responsible foroverseeing purchase order management, administration, and process markdowns tosupport the designated buyers. You would also be responsible for maintainingstrong relationships with vendors and working with vendors to resolve issuesand follow-up. 


Oversee purchase order management,administration, and process markdowns to support the designated buyers 
Write and update orders, manage cancellations,and communicate necessary follow-up internally and externally to ensure keyshipments are delivered and processed 
Evaluate key business issues as directed by thesupervisor; monitor regional merchandise reports, open-to-buy monitoring, stockanalysis, and other ad hoc analyses 
Establish and maintain strong relationships withvendors and collaborate with vendors to resolve issues and follow-up 
Generate reports by utilizing merchandisingsystems and share product information with the buyer for competitive shopping,shopping company stores, and the market 
Manage the open-to-buy to ensure availability ofhaving liquidity for opportunistic buys; oversee packaway strategy to offsetadditional costs of storing merchandise 

Key Qualifications: 
Proficient with Microsoft Office Excel - knowledge of Pivot Tables/VLookups is a plus!!
Strong organizational, analytical, retail math,and communication skills 

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