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Production Coordinator

As a Production Coordinator you are responsible for planning, executing, and evaluating projects and events according to predetermined timelines and budgets outlined in the Statement of Work. Building and managing creative project teams, reporting to the Studio Manager, and ensuring quality control throughout the project life cycles are central to this position. 
• Manage project development from initiation to closure, specifically for branded merchandising and print projects. 
• Be accountable for project results along with the Account Manager. 
• Work with Account Manager and internal team members to balance and meet project scope, goals, deliverables, required resources, budgets and timelines. 
• Complete the work breakdown structure to estimate the effort required to complete each task. 
• Provide a project schedule to identify when each task will be performed. 
• Clearly communicate expectations to project team members, Creative Director, and Account Manager so everyone is aligned with shared vision and necessary agreements. 
• Act as a mediator between Creative Director, Studio Manager, Account Manager, and team members with regards to internal scheduling and time management. 
• Resolve any production and timeline issues and solve problems throughout the project life cycle. 
• Effectively manage project scope by ensuring any changes to scope are documented and approved with project change request forms. 
• Determine if external consultants or contractors will be required to complete the project plan. If required, assist in selection and management of appropriate staffing resources. 
• Track and report on project milestones and provide status reports to the Account Manager and Studio Manager. 
• Plan for travel + book as needed for team and projects 
• Manage hardware fulfillment requests including working w/Office Manager on shipments 
• Determine how results will be measured and complete a post-project evaluation to determine how results were achieved. 
• Lead, coach, and motivate project team members on a proactive basis so the work gets done and the team grows in trust, competency, and confidence. 
• Ensure all project records are safely archived following project completion.