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Social Content Creator

Our client, a culture based media brand is looking for a Social Media Content Creator. This is a fulltime position that will eventually be onsite in LA.

Summary of Position:

This role requires excellent communication skills and attention to detail, and the ideal candidate lives and breathes social media, business, and culture. You will be responsible for developing our audience and community along with implementing campaign strategies to increase partnership opportunities

Role Priorities:

  • Create inspiring and stimulating content. This goes beyond the standard posting and social media job description you’ve likely read 100 times. You have to have the ability to tell stories, create new IP, and foster content franchises all through the lens of culture and business.
  • Build and expand our community. You will be responsible for our outward brand & voice, staying close to the people who love what we do. You’re responsible for creating a highly engaged and active audience.
  • Market the productYour content is the product, and a good product will be shared, but you will be responsible for celebrating and promoting company initiatives through the same platforms you are building our brand and audience.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Measure, track, and interpret social media data to share with internal and external partners.
  • Plan, present and execute strategies, concepts and guidelines across various social media channels.
  • Create new content IP, themes, and verticals.
  • Work collaboratively with the creative teams to create brand-relevant and vertical-specific content across our platform.
  • Analyze data and use it to inform strategy, optimize posts and supercharge CTAs.
  • Translate pop-culture into compelling content that fits our brand through the lens of business.
  • Engage and comment on other accounts and cultural creators.
  • Engage with the community and foster an ongoing relationship with people who like and follow us.
  • Create habit-forming posts and content that create positive emotions for our followers.
  • Create and manage a content calendar.
  • Field customer service needs or inquiries.
  • Post content daily, especially identified newsletter content that’s relevant to the internet.
  • Copy write all content.
  • Work across Twitter, YouTube, IG, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn & TikTok.
  • Grow and increase engagement and following across social platforms.
  • Monitor trends and breaking news.
  • Manage the email marketing process for our events.


  • 5+ years of social media and content creation experience.
  • Strong understanding of creating and distributing memes.
  • Knowledge of digital virality and social media user behavior.
  • Must have an inherent knowledge of content that resonates across the social media landscape.
  • Ability to write snackable and shareable copy.
  • Ability to create engaging stories through various mediums.
  • Enthusiastic about culture, brands, trends, and society. Ability to digest and understand the intersection of all these things, and translate it into actionable content.
  • Passion for the intersection between business and culture.
  • Proven history of growing an audience and brand - can grow an audience without bots or paying for them.
  • Existing relationships with other influencers and social media accounts. Can build and foster new relationships with creators easily.
  • Genuinely empathetic. You leave the ego at the door and care about the well being of our audience, the team, clients and partners.
  • Self-starter. You make it happen and always have something to do.
  • Always learning, adapting and applying your knowledge to your work.
  • Strong understanding of measurement and publishing platforms.
  • Experience managing paid campaigns and ad spend.
  • Experience in Photoshop, InDesign or similar creative programs is a plus.