Digital Marketing

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Social Media Strategist

Client Overview: 

Our client is a cutting-edge, creative communications agency presenting innovative solutions for an extensive portfolio of iconic brands. Their groundbreaking, modern, and energetic approach distinguishes them as leaders in the industry.

Position Overview:

In this role, you would be responsible for overseeing all aspects of social media plans and maintaining strong relationships with clients.


• Develop and implement highly strategic and comprehensive social media plans to achieve the client’s overall objectives 

• Maintain strong relationships with clients and communicate daily to ensure their goals and deliverables are achieved on-time and accurately

• Create innovative and strategic content across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, and YouTube

• Collaborate with key cross-functional departments to confirm social media campaign effectiveness; ensure that social media is incorporated into all of the client’s campaigns
• Monitor competitive social landscape, market changes, and developments; remain current on emerging industry and digital trends; provide highly strategic recommendations
• Oversee the client’s social media budget, billing, and invoice payment and ensure all projects remain on budget

Key Qualifications:

• 1-3 years’ experience in strategic management and execution of B-2-C and/or B-2-B social marketing programs at an advertising, interactive, or marketing agency

• Experience working with clients during their yearly planning process

• Experience managing all aspects of social marketing, including program management, content creation, and monitoring channel analytics

• Strong understanding of paid support on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, and YouTube