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Job# 22897 BH# 315845
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Sr. Toy Designer

 Industrial Designer  for Girls Toy Box:

  • Designer will work with other designers and help take concept into 3D form.
  • Must be able to do trend boards, have knowledge in plastics and manufacturing.
  • They could be designing any form of toys for girls and boys ranging from animals/pets and dolls to playsets/environments.
  • Good at taking instructions and need to be able to work independently as well as in teams. The workload will be very fast paced.


The Designer is responsible for generating innovative, creative, and complete product concepts based on direction given by Design management and / or strategic criteria determined by Design, Marketing, and Executive management. This is accomplished through the rendering of 2-D B-sheets (Illustrations) and / or complete 3-D preliminary models that fully express all aspects of the product concept/s working within established guidelines.

KEY RESULTS AREAS:  With direction and support of a manager/design lead:

  • Generate creative concepts and translate into complete 3-D products; this includes presentations of concepts to Design, Marketing, and Executive management.
  • Participate in the creation of 2-D and 3-D preliminary models; this includes creating the materials required for proper presentation of product. (IE: textiles, miniatures, creative solutions to new parts, etc.)
  • Participate in the early stages of product development to ensure that product can be 1) manufactured and 2) within cost and target profit margins.
  • Support the ongoing development of the product as required.

SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: With direction and support of a manager:

  • Generate creative product concepts per direction from Design management and / or strategic criteria determined by Design, Marketing, and Executive management.
  • Render 2-D and 3-D preliminary models of complete product concepts for presentation to Design, Marketing, and Executive management; this includes working with the Model Maker/s, Engineer/s, and Development Designer/s.
  • Partner with Development Designer/s and Cost Engineering to insure adherence to cost / target profit margin goals.
  • Effectively participate in the early development phase of the product from Design Start through Executive Approval (EA); this includes providing certain information and tangible items required for the creation of Development Start Package/s.
  • Continue to support the ongoing development of the product as necessary from EA through Production Pilot (PP).


1. STRONG SKETCHING/ILLUSTRATION SKILLS. Candidate needs to have a great hand.

2. RANGE OF STYLE. Please ask candidates to bring a good range of their portfolio and their sketchbooks! Be able to draw playsets and understand area proportions with proper branding details and play pattern. Drawing/illustration of animals/pets in a variety of styles and some dolls.

3.  TEAM PLAYER. They will be supporting lead designer for the most part.

EDUCATION REQUIRED: BS/BA Industrial Design 4+ Years Professional Experience