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Job# 26580 BH# 340169
Contact# 5789705


  • 3+ years of agency experience: You’ve been around the block enough to know the peaks and valleys of agency life, how clients think, the importance of process and collaboration, and you’ve become familiar with the operating concepts and methodologies for solid strategy work.
  • Experience with primary and secondary research methods: You’re as comfortable digging for gold in a pile of research that a client may provide as you are creating a new panel for a national survey, or just hopping on the phone and talking to customers and stakeholders when you have that burning question.
  • Provide fast-turn briefings on industry and consumer trends: This is no big deal for you and probably the part you like the most. Becoming an expert - fast.
  • Familiarity with CubeYou, Meltwater, Google Surveys: We have a set of tools that we use and it’d be great if you knew them, at least a little. If you don’t we can train you. But you will achieve mastery of them in short order.
  • Well-rounded in both online and offline advertising and marketing principles and practices: This may be a big ‘duh’, but hey - all this stuff blends together now. You should be able to consider all of it and figure out how it can work together to drive results. We do experience mapping here so we can be empathetic to a customer experience of any kind. You love all of those touchpoints indiscriminately.
  • Ability to define measurement KPIs for projects, generate reports and find key insights: You are the defender of questions like, “How will we know if this is working?”, and, “Is this working?” That means understanding what’s possible to track, what a meaningful metric is and making sure we are building the infrastructure to identify it ahead of time, and having the tenacity to stick with it over time and help us course-correct if we need to. You should be comfortable with basic analytics software.
  • Comfortable developing strategic insights for new business opportunities: A lot of times, those fast-turn briefings mentioned above are for pitches, and they need grounding, facts, direction and action at light speed. Let’s face it, this is the fun part. You’re critical in this process.
  • Ability to work closely with client teams to identify and clarify strategic opportunities: People sometimes get confused between strategy and goals. You will help make sure that they don’t. This means a lot of close-in contact with our account teams to the point where the client’s brain and the agency’s brain are as tuned as possible, and then the job of finding new opportunity starts. That starts with you.

Other Qualities That Count...

  • Excellent communication skills among peers and clients. And not just on paper.
  • Collaborative by nature. Seriously, some people are just not built this way. You are.
  • Ability to simultaneously tackle multiple projects and challenges with enthusiasm. This is table stakes, honestly.
  • A passion to rapidly build expertise on industry verticals. The phase “fanatical drive” isn’t terrible here either.
  • A sense of urgency. You’ve worked at an agency so, yeah.
  • A strong attention to detail. In fact, detail and nuance are your most powerful weapons, but you know this.
  • The innate, unstoppable instinct to always improve the way we do things. We like that. We reward it.