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Job# 36708 BH# 391810
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Technical Product Manager / Developer

One of our startup incubator clients is looking for a Technical Product Manager to join their team and help drive the creation of an all-new video technology and marketplace platform that supports the hospitality, food & beverage, and entertainment industries.

This Technical Product Manager will be leading the development of a new video & marketplace platform with the Founder and an outside engineering firm

The Technical Product Manager must be well-versed in all things software and product development and have specific proven experience bringing a video technology platform to market.

Ideal Technical Product Manager candidates will have:

- At least 7+ years of technical product development experience and a strong understanding of API integration and software development requirements

- Previous experience working on an E-Commerce type platform that serves as a "middleman" or marketplace for larger industry (i.e. OpenTable, Meetup, Eventbrite)

- Familiar with research technologies, potential API integration

- Understand how to guide and develop product functionality/features

- Proven experience handling User testing, wireframing - UI/UX

- Strong project management skills

- Experience researching and driving platform/model, market, and target customer strategy

Candidates MUST HAVE previous experience at one of the following companies (or comparable video platform/marketplace company):

- Zoom, Blue Jeans, Twillio, Lifesize,, Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting, Cisco Web Ex, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Jabber, Uber Conference, Zoho Meeting, Team, Viewer, Global Meet, Whereby, Adobe Connect, Big Marker, Eztalks, Livestorm, Start Meeting, Ring Central, etc.