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Traffic Director

Traffic Director


Traffic Director is responsible for managing duties assigned by client with specific roles necessary.

You will need to be organized and able to multi-task while meeting deadlines. You must have the ability to work well with others. Skills are listed below.



  • College educated preferred, but not required
  • 5+ years previous experience in related field
  • Should have proven record of time management and organizational skills
  • Must have good verbal and written communication skills
  • Must exude professional attitude
  • Skills in Microsoft Word and Excel


  • Must demonstrate working knowledge of basic Agency procedures, terminology, and business goals based on client(s) they are assigned to
  • Maintain professional attitude and good working relationships with peers, team counterparts, vendors, and, at times, client contacts
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of appropriate media systems
  • Have specific client assignments and accurately meet all requirements necessary to execute or fulfill client approved media plans
  • Demonstrate good skills in written, verbal, and interpersonal communications, diligently attend to details, follow-through on all business requests, and understand sense of urgency
  • Demonstrate the ability to appropriately communicate with and understand the functions of internal and external partners (i.e. creative agencies, vendors, etc.)
  • Fully understand current Agency objectives
  • Maintain a positive attitude


  • Routinely reviews buy specifications provided by their Clients’ media teams and fully understands expectations
  • Partners with Clients’ creative agencies for the exchange of information regarding scheduling and shipment of materials to vendors
  • Utilizes proprietary media system to view commercial units loaded by media teams under specific client estimates.  Based on those units, the Broadcast Traffic Associate issues traffic instructions via media system, directly to broadcast vendors, providing information regarding correct creative messaging to be aired during specific programming
  • As necessary, responsible for managing commercial duplication and shipment of creative assets to broadcast vendors. Involves providing production estimates for client submission and approval, submitting purchase orders to commercial duplication facility and reconciling invoices.
  • Confirms delivery of traffic instructions and commercial materials
  • Provides media usage to creative agencies for commercial talent payment schedules 
  • Maintains system records on creative data necessary for media and financial purposes
  • May be required to assist Reconciliation Teams during vendor invoice reconciliation process
  • May be required to participate in system enhancement testing or training