How to Craft a Position Profile to Attract Top Execs

How to Craft a Position Profile to Attract Top Execs

Lost time. Lost money. Lost confidence in leadership. A hit to morale. Those are just a few costs of a bad hire. And the
higher in the organization the position, the greater the impact. That’s why, when searching for talent at the executive
level, it’s paramount to create a position profile that intrigues the ideal candidate, encourages thoughtful self-assessment and inspires action. So include the following features to ensure your next executive hire delivers on all functional requirements and personifies the spirit and values of company culture:

Provide the salary range for the role. Remember, ambiguity around compensation can be interpreted as a reflection of
company transparency - an increasingly important cultural consideration among job candidates. Specify all the hard and
soft benefits, and any other perks that could be offered as part of the job. Sometimes companies that cannot compete on
salary can win over a candidate with creative soft benefits and quality-of-life perks.

Provide the candidate with a comprehensive sketch of where the job is located. Point out both practical and cultural
considerations of the country and city. Share resources and links that might be useful in assessing life in the location.

It’s not enough for the candidate to be able to fulfill a list of functional requirements. Smoothly snapping into place
culturally is crucial – especially when it comes to those joining the leadership team in embodying what the company stands
for to its employees and the public. Use this section to outline the company’s mission and values. Provide a code of
conduct and ethics. Describe the company work style, work pace/work load expectations, and attitude toward employee
work/life balance. Share characteristics of successful employees. Describe the social atmosphere or anything else that
makes the workplace unique.

Provide a list of the company leadership with brief descriptions of where and how they fit in the organization, and how the
candidate may interact with them in fulfilling their role. Include a description of the team the executive will be leading and
how it’s currently structured.

Describe the sector in which the company fits today and in the future. Share the company’s mission statement. Provide
company demographics, top-line financial data, and a brief history. Identify the products or brands the company owns. Are
there key mergers and acquisitions to highlight, or other notable strategies? The goal here is to provide a snapshot for the
candidate to understand where the company’s been, where it’s headed, and how the role fits into the big picture.

Use this section to particularize the job. Call out the major objectives. Spell out the success metrics. Meticulously outline
the essential day to day duties. Describe the personality, leadership and character traits sought in the ideal candidate. Be
honest about the challenges of the role. Consider a format that includes a paragraph description along with an itemized list
of specific deliverables, essential skills, required experience, and other mandatory qualifications.

In three to four sentences, outline the purpose of the role and organization, and set up the content of the longer position
profile. Imagine the Summary as an elevator pitch – you have less than a minute to captivate your audience, dynamically
sell the opportunity, and entice them to learn more.

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