Portfolio Sites We Love

Portfolio Sites We Love

If you’re a designer, you know a visual of your work is worth more than a thousand words on a resumé. If you haven’t done so already, run – don’t walk — to your closest laptop and start an online portfolio immediately. Or if you already have one, consider creating profiles on multiple sites.

An unscientific poll of hiring managers and recruiters indicates that online portfolio sites are critical to the hiring process. A more scientific study of hiring executives (early results from 24 Seven’s 2013 Salary & Job Market Study) indicate that almost 2/3 are planning to use more freelancers this year – will they be able to find you online?

Whether you are just launching your career, starting a new job search, or considering freelancing or moonlighting for the first time, an online portfolio:

- Helps you to optimally position your own professional brand by displaying your best work (often with your written commentary about the project's design process)

- Showcases your experience and range through project examples across industries and mediums

- Raises your visibility and searchability – the more sites you join, the better!

- Offers a fast, convenient and low cost way (in some cases free) to keep your portfolio current

- Easy to share links keep you competitive in today’s hyper-speedy tech-enabled world – just forward links in emails or include them on your resumé (which is digital too, right?)


cargocollective.com “Cargo Collective is a great site if you are looking to set up a portfolio. It’s the site I most often recommend because the work is easy to view and it doesn't have the clutter other portfolio sites seem to have.” – Allison, Freelance Marketing, Digital and Creative recruiter.

coroflot.com “A well-established, robust site – particularly good for industrial designers.” – Julie, Full-time Marketing, Digital and Creative recruiter.

behance.com “This is an increasingly popular site that’s very flexible and supports multimedia portfolios.” – Angela, Freelance Marketing, Digital and Creative recruiter.

krop.com “I find it the easiest to navigate.” – Angela, Freelance Marketing, Digital and Creative recruiter.


Some of our recruiters say that often the preferred portfolio site is one that the candidate has created themselves. “The best is when they can design their own site. It’s a peek into their design and thought process. It shows us their personal design style and their understanding of how design showcases a brand – in this case the brand being the designer themselves.“ explains Allison.


And check out this super handy infographic from the blog, Printrunner.Com, that spells out the specific stats and pros and cons of various design portfolio sites: http://blog.printrunner.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Why-Showcase-Your-Works-on-Online-Portfolio-Sites.jpg