Adam, Copywriter

Los Angeles CA, US

Adam is an accomplished Copywriter most recently out of companies including Blk-Ops, Conscious Minds, Fullscreen, New Wave Entertainment, Ayzenberg, and McBeard Media. In his most recent role, Adam completed one of a kind projects for clients such as Netflix, National Geographic, Fox, Nike, Microsoft, and Polaris. He excels in copywriting for videos, social media, pitches, and ad campaigns. Adam is proficient in copywriting, copyediting, SEO, and community management. 

T-Mobile: Copywriter

Jul 2018 – Sept 2018

Nike: Writer

Aug 2018

Fullscreen Media, Hot Wheels: Writer

Aug 2017

The Emmy Awards: Social Media Coordinator

May 2017 – Aug 2017
Content Creation
Social Media Management
Community Management