David, Public Relations/Showroom Assistant

New York NY, US

David is a talented Public Relations/Showroom Assistant who is truly a jack of all trades! In his most recent role with W29 Showroom he worked alongside the owner to manage sample trafficking, press appointments, press clippings, maintaining the showroom, and keeping up to date on changing fashion trends. Prior to W29, he worked as a Showroom Assistant at Jenny Chase where he managed the showroom, set assortments, answered customer inquiries, and handled all administrative duties. David is a hard working and determined and will get the job done!

Peregrine Showroom: Showroom Assistant

2017 – 2018

W29: Public Relations Assistant

2016 – 2017

Jenny Chase and Andrew Bernstein, Inc.: Showroom Assistant

2015 – 2016
Press Clippings
Maintaining Showrooms
Fashion Trends
Press Appointments
Sample Trafficking
Custom Inquiries