Kingston, Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

Los Angeles CA, US

Introducing Kingston, a Senior Integrated Marketing Manager that will deliver the top notch creative material your brand needs. He comes most recently out of Defy Media where he worked with various clients across entertainment, gaming, health, wellness, and tech industries to create one of a kind 360 campaigns that incorporated social media, experiential, and influencer marketing components. Additionally, he partnered with companies like Amazon, Lexus, Netflix, and Disney to develop social campaigns, analytical reports, and compelling brand partnerships. Kingston is proficient in Mailchimp, JIRA, and YouTube Analytics. 

Defy Media: Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

2016 – 2018

Freelance: Creative Marketing Director

2015 – 2017

Made Eyewear: Director of Marketing

2014 – 2016
Email Marketing
Content Creation
Social Media
YouTube Analytics
Strategic Communication
Digital Platform Management