As we are slowly entering a new normal and restrictions are steadily being lifted, unfortunately unemployment rates continue to be high. Many people are still finding it tough to find new work with the effects of COVID-19 hitting many businesses and their employees. You may of spent all your career so far in full time positions and the idea of transitioning to freelance roles at this time may seem like a crazy idea, our freelance recruiters at 24 Seven would actually encourage you to think about freelance work as a viable option for your next career move. You might think that this is not a great time to take the step into the freelance world, but we are here to share four reasons why now is the perfect time to freelance.

Flexibility and Freedom

One of the obvious benefits of being a freelancer is in the name, you are free, you choose when and how much you want to work. You can choose what projects and what clients you want to work with. You can try working at a company as a freelancer without a permanent contract and then if you love it, you could ask about going full time. The way in which we all work has changed drastically, and a lot of employees will be looking to be able to keep the flexibility that they have enjoyed and by going freelance you can almost guarantee that. Our freelance recruiters can’t recommend the switch enough , and are happy to discuss the benefits of taking on freelance jobs.

Want more money?

One of the number one reasons people decide to change jobs is pay, in the current climate it may well feel impossible to get a new job with a healthy bump in pay, however, opening yourself up to freelance work can often mean you get paid considerably more than the full time equivalent position. As you become a freelancer, you will get paid more but you will also not be entitled to holiday pay and other such company benefits so it is important to factor all these in when deciding on a day rate and which freelance projects to say yes to. 

Gain huge amounts of experience quickly

Another fantastic benefit of working freelance is the amount of experience you get working on multiple projects with different clients. Not only are you continually learning and growing your skill set with each project you complete, but you are becoming more desirable as your CV looks even more impressive to future clients. You also have the advantage of working for a variety of different businesses, enabling you to see where you fit best and if it comes to finding full time work again you know exactly what sort of company you would like to join.

Take control of your own destiny

Traditionally, full time work is considered the safe and stable route and freelancing could be considered a risk. But in a COVID-19 world, with millions of UK employees who once felt confident and secure in their full-time jobs now being put on furlough or even losing their jobs, we are encouraging candidates to consider applying to freelance jobs for the first time. 

Taking the decision to become a freelancer  gives you the chance to work with multiple clients at the same time and gives you the flexibility to work when you want and as how much as you want. As the economy continues to try and recover businesses are having to make tough decisions and cut their headcount in order to survive, however although some companies are looking to reduce headcount they still need work completed and hiring freelancers is the perfect solution for them. Opening yourself up to the possibility of freelancing will in-turn open you up to more job possibilities and overall stability as a freelancer.

So if you like the idea of freedom and flexibility, more money, gaining more experience and taking control of your own destiny The freelance recruiters at 24 Seven are here to help you do just that. Apply to our freelance jobs today.