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Warehouse Logistics Coordinator

Job title: Warehouse Logistics Coordinator
Contract type: Full-time
Location: New York
Remote: No
Salary: $90,000-$100,000
Reference: 466656
Contact name: Jessica Levine

Job description

Warehouse Logistics Manager

Role Overview:

The Warehouse Logistics Manager is responsible for inbound/outbound, freight savings, vendor management, vendor negotiations, and customs management including Europe and Canada. As a vital member of the team, you will handle communications and negotiations with suppliers. Planning routes, analyzing budgets, and processing shipments. Supply chain management including maintaining supply chain inventory and records. Inventory management. Negotiating and bargaining transportation costs. Cost optimization. Evaluate and report on KPI’s.

Warehouse Logistics Manager Roles and Responsibilities:
 • Inventory management-Managing warehouse inventory, keeping records, and reconciling stock control with data storage systems.
• Transportation-Track all freight from all sources to Warehouse. Track all freight bound for Shoppers Drug Mart, Montreal.
• Maintain relationships with freight forwarders and transport partners-Selecting carriers, negotiating rates and contracts, and keeping up-to-date on shipping routes and rates
• Budgets-Monitoring and managing budgets and preparing annual budgets.
• Invoicing- Approve all international and domestic invoices. Monitor and track all invoices for all lanes of traffic by all carriers.
• Operations-Monitor all international and domestic freight movement. Overseeing receiving, warehousing, distribution, and maintenance operations, and ensuring efficient space utilization.
• Policies and procedures-Initiating, coordinating, and enforcing optimal operational policies and procedures, and adhering to all warehousing, handling, and shipping legislation requirements.
• Customer service-Liaising with clients, suppliers, and transport companies, and negotiating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.
• Reporting-Create weekly inbound report of al freight. Monitor and report FSC rates periodically.
• Performance-Meeting cost, productivity, accuracy, and timeliness targets, and maintaining metrics and analyzing data to assess performance and implement improvements. Reconcile monthly statements from freight forwarders and carriers.
• Verify all postings from Navision through SAP
• Point of contact for all information and communication for inbound freight.

Warehouse Logistics Manager Key Qualifications:
• Experience working with customs brokers, HS codes, customs compliance.
• Experience utilizing TMS Transportation Management System.
• Knowledge of CUSMA
• Computer skills with ability execute reports, analyzes data and present information with clarity
• Microsoft Office: Advanced Excel skills, Word, PowerPoint
• Experience with Financial tools (e.g. Intuit QuickBooks, PayPal) Experience
 • Having worked with FTL and LTL carriers, domestic freight regulations. Partnering with dispatch, disputing accessorial charges, etc.
• Experience in cross-Atlantic Ocean and air freight, relationship with major freight forwarders. Understanding of specs, basic import regulations.
• Experience of shipping to major retailers such as Walmart, Target, CVS. Routing guides, chargebacks, etc.
• 3-5 Years Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, logistics and transportation or Business Administration.
• Industry experience in the beauty or consumer goods is an advantage.  Apply for this job