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Growth Marketing Manager

Job title: Growth Marketing Manager
Reference: 391721
Contact name: Michael Braden

Job description

Our client is a growing D2C consumer product/ecommerce brand located in Los Angeles.

In this role the Growth Marketing Manager will be responsible for e-commerce strategy and performance optimization including conversion, ROI, Google Analytics, etc.

Key Responsibilities:

· Create a strategy to drive online growth through customer acquisition, in line with the company's business plan

· Own acquisition marketing budget – one of the largest spends in the company – determining how to maximize the marketing mix and scale channels that are working to deliver the greatest ROI

· Drive new customer acquisition end-to-end – perform customer segmentation, identify new marketing tactics, test and implement strategies, and react to results. For example, if you want to test Facebook ads - Identify the key customer segments, develop messaging strategies to test, work with creative teams to develop the ads, implement the ads through the FB ads platform, analyze results for each segment and implement the winning strategies

· Create a reporting package for executive board and leadership team to understand the performance of marketing spend

· Provide insights to support CEO in understanding overall business performance and determining strategic direction

· Work closely with product and operations teams to ensure coherence with the overall business strategy and plan

· Work closely with all other teams across the business, gaining exposure to business functions and determining strategies that impact teams, including technology and merchandising

· Refining and optimizing our strategy for audience targeting, expansion, and management

· Lead strategies that inform site navigation and product detail pages (PDP) (imagery and copy) and communicate to key cross-functional partners including merchandising, inventory management, technology, customer care, marketing and creative.

· Plan and execute e-commerce activities across all digital channels including promotion campaigns, content management

· Understand customer behavior patterns on the site in terms of navigation, keyword search and engagement with imagery/copy via heat mapping and data analysis and develop strategies to optimize customer experience and maximize demand.

· Develop and manage implementation plans to consolidate post-campaign / event reports and evaluate performance and key performance indicators to ensure objectives are achieved

· Manages site roadmap and enhancements, projects and tools to optimize customer experience and drive results.

· Build the digital marketing plan, including spend mix, projected ROI…then Launch, test, iterate, scale, repeat

· Report and analyze weekly site performance including digital channel performance, category performance, feature shop productivity, customer reviews/feedback and drive recommendations to improve customer experience.

· Manages agency and development partners

· Analyze e-mail performance and utilize list segmentation, personalization, and content optimization to increase return on investment

Required Skills:

· Strong understanding of e-commerce and key performance levers including user experience, site architecture, content, meta tags, etc,

· Strong analytical and creative problem solving

· Experience using advanced search and merchandising platform

· Experience building effective reporting dashboards and processes

· Familiarity and understanding of Adwords, Facebook Advertising, GA preferred

· Experience in Google Analytics, Shopify, advanced search, and merchandising platform preferred

· 2+ years’ experience managing e-commerce websites and online sales.

Desired Attributes:

· Solution-oriented mindset

· Natural collaborator who enjoys an exchange of ideas

· A combination of an analyst mindset, but with creative ideas to test new concepts and attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

· Nimble, flexible thinker with both strength of conviction and the ability to see an issue from multiple angles and perspectives

· Questions with curiosity and an open mind, and challenges with respect and new thinking

· Demonstrated pattern of excellence and achievement in top-performing organizations

· Thrives in a hands-on, entrepreneurial environment

· Utmost senses of integrity and partnership


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