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Language Specialist

Job title: Language Specialist
Contract type: Freelance
Location: Phoenix
Discipline: Technology
Remote: Yes
Reference: 446087
Contact name: Shivani Sharma

Job description

As a Language Specialist, you will play a crucial role in enhancing the fluency, coherence, and voice of our AI models. You will collaborate with our diverse team of experts to create high-quality training data sets, analyze and refine grammar and syntax, and ensure adherence to linguistic rules and conventions.

Develop training data sets to improve AI model performance in fluency, coherence, and voice.
Analyze and enhance grammar, syntax, and sentence structure in both expert-generated training data and AI model-generated text.
Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, researchers, and software engineers, to refine and iterate on AI models.
Answer free-form prompts across a scope of legal topics, referencing online resources and providing accurate, responsive, and empathetic answers from the perspective of an AI model.
Demonstrate a proven track record of working on projects requiring free-form sentence creation.
Respond to specialized domain free-form prompts at a university-level difficulty.
Provide cohesive explanations to prompt responses, including the process of resolving legal matters and references to relevant laws.

Bachelor's degree is required , preferably in English, Journalism, or Linguistics.
An advanced degree in English (Master's or PH.D.) or a Juris Doctor degree is a HUGE plus.
Excellent writing skills are required. Strong knowledge of grammar, syntax, and linguistic conventions is required.
Experience in creating training data sets and improving language quality in AI models is a plus.
Proficiency in answering free-form prompts and generating cohesive, accurate responses.
Familiarity with legal topics and the ability to provide specialized domain responses.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills are required.
Attention to detail and ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment.

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