The One Question That Needs To Be Asked When Hiring A Product Designer

The One Question That Needs To Be Asked When Hiring A Product Designer

Our “One Question” series returns with the one question to ask when interviewing a Product Designer.

What to look for

Product design is closely tied with product development, marketing and graphic design. It incorporates various forms of design including UX/UI, graphics, motion or animation, prototyping and packaging. When looking for the perfect Product Designer for your company it’s critical that you find a candidate who will work well with the other teams you have in place and be able to execute your vision.

According to our Freelance Account Manager, Courtney Walsh, candidates applying to Product Designer roles need “experience working closely with developers, product managers, and other designers.” They also must know how“to solve problems alongside engineers to build high performing, user-centric products for web and mobile.”

Walsh says candidates must be “fluent in the language of how digital products work” and have “user experience and user interface experience,” as many roles may require “creating responsive design for web and mobile” and “understanding browser and mobile capabilities, along with UX best practices.”

When looking for the perfect candidates for different companies, our expert recruiters look for talent with a “degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communication or other design related degree… UX/UI boot camp or program… [and previous] UX/UI positions… [or] UX/UI experience working across web, tablet, and mobile.”

What to ask

So, what is the one question our expert recruiters encourage companies to ask during Product Designer interviews?

Are you stronger with UX or UI and how has that influenced specific products you designed and what was your role in that process?

Our database of talent includes product design experts in visual design, spanning UX/UI, iconography, and art direction, as well as motion, interaction, and service design.

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