Hiring An Art Director? Ask Them This Question.

Art Director

Is your company looking for a new Art Director? We asked our expert recruiters what they look for when bringing in Art Direction candidates and the one question they recommend you ask when interviewing candidates to find the perfect fit for what your company needs.

What should you look for?

Art Directors are usually tasked to create concepts and ideation for various digital and traditional marketing campaigns. A large part of an Art Director’s responsibility is to support marketing teams by bringing ideas to life through creation and execution. Our Director of Full-Time Recruitment in our Orange County office, Jesse Kleinow, looks for  Art Directors  who are advanced with Mac products, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Suite with emphasis on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Bridge.

Our candidate database includes Art Directors who have the creative ability to tell brand stories that resonate with customers across a variety of industries and mediums. They come to the table with creative chops but also an understanding of psychology and how to engage with the target demographic.

What to ask

How do you find out all the information you need to know about your Art Director candidate in just one question? Ask them this:

In your role as an Art Director how do you find a balance between design and strategy?

This question will help you discern if the candidate is more creative or more analytical in their thought process. Depending on your organization, upcoming projects and current design team you can determine what is most important in your next Art Director. It is also important to know how many employees the candidate has experience managing because “allocating Designers to the right projects to ensure completion” is imperative.

Now that you have your main interview question ready, be sure to explore 24 Seven Talent’s Database to find the perfect candidate!